My name is Kevin Richardson and I am an artistic woodturner. I started woodturning at a young age, and growing up in a family of craftsmen I decided to pursue my studies in the furniture industry. After receiving my qualification I went on and spent some time working for a custom furniture maker in the United States. It was from this experience my potential career choice turned from a passion to an obsession. The wealth of knowledge I received at that time set the foundations for me to pursue my dreams. Woodworking as a whole is a beautiful industry with incredible designers and craftspeople all over the globe, but there is something magical about woodturning that is just unexplainable through words.

The Art of Woodturning

Creativity for me, comes straight from the heart it is deeply rooted in me and I feel my work expresses this. To draw you in and ponder questions. I like to test my capabilities within my craft, test the limitations of the material all while respecting it at the same time. I like to take people on the story of the tree, its the timber that contains the story. I create my version based on what I see and how I feel I can best do this incredible material diligence.

The Perth woodturner

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